Frontier Bazarr Awarded as Asia's Greatest Brands

The Maverick Couturier

Celebrating the rich aesthetics of the Indian culture, Frontier Bazar has beautifully carved a niche for itself through its spectacular collections and mesmerizing designs. Over the years, the brand has become a one-stop shop for all those seeking elegance and panache in their apparels

Entering into the foray of hospitality, Frontier Bazar has taken an innovative step towards making marriages a dreamy experience for their clients by coming up with a fresh concept in the retail and hospitality sector of India. “Concierge Service”, launched by Frontier Bazar is a one-of-its-kind project that takes retail and hospitality to a brand new level. The concept is specially designed for the people who live away from India or who come from other parts of the country. From the time clients arrive at the airport, to the time of the closure of the grand event, Frontier Bazar plays the host taking great care of each and every detail of their occasion such as stay, travel, wedding shopping, and ancillary arrangements & requirements. With the help of its team of experts and designers, Frontier Bazar turns the wedding into a charming fairytale.

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